Friday, December 25, 2009


Mamie's unofficial title is bad grandma.  I came up with this myself after she (VERY GRACIOUSLY, THANK YOU, I KISS YOUR PROVERBIAL FEET!!!) took care of the hooligan brothers for a weekend.  AND she said they were very polite and well behaved.  As they described what they'd been up to all weekend, I realized that they got A LOT of what is referred to as "screen time."  I mentioned this to Mamie.
She lifted one shoulder in an insouciant manner. "That's what grandmothers are for."
"Did you let them have sugar cereal?"  I asked, "Or did you just cut to the chase and give them ice cream for breakfast? When they want a tattoo, are you going to loan them the money?  Just tell me now.  And you should start a blog and call it BAD GRANDMA."
We like this idea. The header will have a picture of her with my boys plus Senor Cupcake (my 1 yr. old nephew) heading into the nastiest tattoo parlor in town.

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