Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not all of us can be zen masters

My sister Abigail (the nice one the smart one blah blah blah) has also taken up running.  I keep encouraging her to get a puppy to make it more fun, but she looks pointedly at the puddle on my kitchen floor and says she'll think about it.

We were discussing what route to take on a run together.

"I only can run up hills to start,"  I explained, "Otherwise I get bored.  I need the motivation of the downhill to look forward to on the way home."

 Her response was to tilt her head and squint at me, "You can't run on flats?  You really have no inner life."

That girl.  She does cut to the chase, doesn't she?  To punish her, I took her on my longest run: up through the cemetery, across the golf course, over the ridge, and down the hill home.  At least I didn't make her pick up the dog poop.