Thursday, April 19, 2012

Post auction Post

I have not exploded, nor has my house been condemned and my children removed by the state-  although I would not welcome a social worker just yet.  I am slowly restoring order to my normal life.  I don't really feel like it, though.  What I feel like doing is counting the money and crowing.

We raised a record $27,000 at the auction this year.  And it was a fun party, which is just as improtant as the fund raising, in my opinion.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take Cover

The Smaller Hooligan: "I kind of need a haircut."
Me:  "Ok, as soon as the auction is over next Friday, we'll get you a haircut."
Smaller Hooligan:  "Everything has to wait until after the auction."
The Man Who Lives In My House:  "Mom's not even going to go to the bathroom until the auction is over."
Me:  "Yeah, next Saturday I am going to explode."
TMWLIMH:  "It would be best if you did that somewhere far away, like maybe at an ordinance range."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

C6H12O6 Negotiations

The Smaller Hooligan deigned to accompany to the grocery store.  I sent him to the cereal aisle to make selections.

"Pick out anything you like that's under 7 grams of sugar,"  I cautioned.
He narrowed his eyes at me, "How about 14?"
"10, and not a speck more."
The deal was struck.

He was gone a long time.  I got the chicken, milk, sour cream, eggs, ran into a neighbor--we were bemoaning the school budget woes at length when he re-appeared, empty handed.

"You couldn't find a cereal you like under ten?"
"No, You know that kind they were advertising on TV in the hotel with the cavemen?" (that would be fruity/cocoa pebbles--he is not acquainted with The Flintstones) "Well I found it, and the fruit kind has only 9 grams, but It looks like I'd be eating a pink turd.  Why would I want to eat that?"

An excellent question.

He was very cross.  It was as if those wily advertising agents had promised him a gift that he'd looked forward to eagerly, which had turned out to be gross.

We settled on mini-wheats and special K.

I think I won this round.