Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obsessed on two fronts

Front #1:  The school auction.  I am doing it again.  Because my middle name is SUCKA!  I have some highly competent and experienced help this year.  I did last year, too, but now I know what to ask for.

Front #2:  ebay.  I sold those shoes that I mentioned in my last post.  Then a high end sweater ($68.50 plus shipping).  That means I've netted around $275.  Not bad, right? So I'm on the HUNT!  for anything that is priced very low and seems like it might be a hit.    The best part is writing the description.  I feel like Elaine on Seinfield when she worked for Peterman.

For example:

"These Black Danskos have a red accent and a sporty adjustable strap at the ankle for a precise fit.  They feature a waterproof padded section around the top of the shoe, leather for the main part of the shoe, and the standard thick rubber clog sole.      

They are in excellent condition.  The sole has no visible wear and the leather is clean and uncreased.  The interior has no sweat or dirt marks.  There was a little dust on the creases on the bottom which cleaned up easily.  If it hadn't been for that I would have said these were NWOT.  

If you're not already addicted to Dansko comfort and style, these shoes will win you over.  They are favorites of nurses, chefs, flight attendants, and anyone else who spends long hours on their feet.  Try these out or supplement your collection!  You can't have too many Danskos"

I don't want to say what I paid for them because maybe you want to bid on them.   I'll say this:  the amount I spent would send you running to the nearest thrift store to find your own bargain. I don't care for danskos, myself, or I'd keep them.  But I'm a wooden sole kind of girl.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An update, in case you are wondering:

The brown shoes mentioned in the last post sold for $105 plus shipping ($8).  They are being sent to someone in Ohio.  The red ones have 12 hours to go and are currently up to $113.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dabbling in re-sale, thrifting, and blogging.

What I didn't buy: 

 Who donates a whole rack of bowling balls?  These would be an awesome art installation type feature if you had an enormous rec room.  You could make a huge marble roll thing--like a gyrotron?  those wire sculptures from the 70s...but huge, with bowling balls instead of marbles.  If I didn't have children I'd be a famous artist, or just a famous crazy person, clearly.   But I'm terribly busy doing whatever it is I do while they're at school.   I guess I go thrifting, and blog.   

What I did buy: 
 This fabulous mid-century magazine rack/ash tray.  This styling lady was thrifting with her styling husband.  Who gets a husband who will thrift?  Lucky!  She approved.  I put it in the new bathroom, where it looks so groovy.  The place where the ashes once were tapped now holds the soap.  I haven't even revealed the new garage lounge/bathroom.  Maybe next post.  

I also bought:

Would you wear these shoes?  If I had small feet (size 6, narrow) I would wear the ones on the left.  They are so gorgeous that I bought them anyway, for $10.  They still have the price sticker on the bottom--you can't quite read the numbers, but I looked them up:  Chie Mihara shoes run between $300-$400.  I knew they were pricey, but that took me by surprise.  Sadly,  none of my friends has feet quite that small.  So there they are, all $350 retail's worth.

The ones on the right, I would not wear, myself, but they are brand new Salvatore Ferragamos.  No wear whatsoever.  They set me back $5.  Some well-heeled (haha, sorry) country club lady never must have decided red wasn't her color. Or something.   Size 11B.  Make that a well heeled country club lady with rather large feet.

So I am dabbling in Ebay land.  I have thought about this literally for years.  I was intimidated:  Ebay involves technology.  It turns out to take about 8 minutes to do a simple listing.  I have 3 bids on the brown shoes and one on the red ones.  5 days, 19 hours to go.  I'll keep you posted.