Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Re-arranging the puppy

Last night, someone seemed to be snoring right in my ear.  It was loud, really loud.  It woke me up, sort of.  Not really.  I was confused:  one of The Man Who Lives In My House's best features is that he does not snore.  Magnus the mastiff puppy, on the other hand, does.  But this seemed to be coming from my pillow, it was so loud.

So I sort of gave TMWLIMH a shove and said, "Stop snoring."

This woke him up.  "I don't snore," he said peevishly.  "That's why you married me, remember?"


"Well it must be the dog, then.  could you re-arrange him?"

TMWLIMH was so tired that he must have decided it was easier to aquiesce than to tell me to stuff it and re-arrange the pup myself if the snoring bothers me.

So he got up and sort of adjusted Magnus' wrinkly face to give his nostrils better clearance.

This morning the Hooligans were arguing over who Magnus likes best.

I saw my chance:  "I know, I bet he'd like to sleep with you guys!  Fix up a nice bed with an old blanket between your rooms and we'll send him upstairs tonight."

It's a brilliant solution. They sleep like the dead.