Wednesday, April 27, 2011

La Nouveau Régime: daily posting or else.

Be aware, though, everything counts. like very short commentary posts, maybe with a picture. or maybe not. or recipes. like this:

Digression: I made pizza a couple of weeks ago when we had friends over for dinner. Unfortunately I got distracted chatting and it burned to a crisp. Good thing we were also making grilled lamb. Good thing everybody liked lamb. When I make lamb for guests I usually makes something else as well because some people really can't stand it. mmmmmm. Lamb. When the Larger Hooligan was little he had a baby lambie stuffed toy. We named it Tasty.

Anyway, the tragedy of the burned pizza was on my mind, so last night I tried again:

Nouveau pizza which does not hardly resemble traditional pizza:

One recipe pizza dough*, with fresh rosemary blended in. roll out as thin as possible.

Carmelize one thin sliced onion. I like to cook it for about an hour.

3 or four minced garlic cloves in 3 T olive oil

1/2 C chopped kalamata olives

8 or 10 chopped dried mission figs (the black kind)

about 4 inched of a goat cheese log

parmesan grated over everything.

I smeared the olive oil/garlic over the dough, added the caramelized onions, olives, figs, crumbled the goat cheese over that, and topped with parm. This is so good it's freaky.

*confession: I bought the dough already made in the deli section of the grocery. I had a late start: too late to make dough. Plus I'm lazy. Or busy, depending on how I spin it.

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