Friday, June 24, 2011

Interpret this

I had a dream:  I was climbing into a red convertible with Alisa:
My sweet friend, shown here 10 years ago with a much smaller larger hooligan.  Weren't they so cute?  She looks exactly the same today.  (So does he, because he just buzzed off all his hair--Lice outbreak in his class.  He decided better safe than sorry, much to my relief.  So far no vermin on our persons. )

She was wearing a mustard colored hat with flowers--the kind that looks like a vintage bathing cap.  We were going to Hawaii--perhaps it was a flying car?  Anyway, The Man Who Lives In My House had packed my bag.  It was strangely heavy.  When I looked inside, I realized this was because it contained a bikini and a pair of red ski boots.  This struck us as hilarious--we laughed and laughed as we tossed the boots out the car window.

You let me know what that was all about.  I woke up very amused.

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