Sunday, November 27, 2011

Less than ideal.

If you don't like your husband, I have a suggestion:  get him a TV.  We have just completed a remodel of our tiny one-car garage.  It used to be a dark junk repository.  It is now a small, bright TV/guest room.  We have not had a television for years, depending, instead, on our computer moniter and netflix for perfectly adequate access to media.

Now we have a TV.  It is hugantic.  The Man Who Lives In My House (I think he still lives here, anyway) disappears for hours at a time, particularly on weekend afternoons.  I believe he is watching football.

It should be noted that I had NO IDEA that he had any interest in football in the first year(s) that I knew him.  During our very newly married era I would notice the old hand-me-down black and white television would be turned on to football when I passed through the living room.  I would snap it off (It had a dial! And knobs! Remember those?) and go about my business.  Later I would notice it was on again.

"Why do you keep turning on the football? "  I asked him.
"Well it's the Broncos." he aswered, as if this meant something.

I feel to this day that I was tricked, slightly.  I was unaware that I'd married a sports fan.  This would not necessarily have been a deal breaker, but it still rubs my fur the wrong way.  Football.  I'll watch if my kid is playing, but that's it.  I've gone to superbowl parties, but I only stay long enough to eat a bunch of wings.  Then I pretend I have a headache and leave.

If you happen to have a husband who needs banishing, a bigger TV might be a great solution!  Unfortunately, I am fond of mine.  I find I miss him.  I don't expect him to help me hang up the Christmas lights.  I know he thinks they are silly.  I do hope he doesn't have the volume up so high that he can't hear my screams if I slip and fall off the roof.  I guess he feels fairly confident of my safety, as it is flat.  Still!

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