Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prodigious (Mom, did I spell that correctly?)

I am susceptible--especially when I hear about friends' teenager's impressive accomplishments--to fantasizing that the hooligans may be undiscovered prodigies.....don't they look like a couple of prodigies?

Yes, well, no pressure.

(This is from last fall, when we were visiting my favorite city on the East Coast:  Baltimore! See previous post: SNOW for more about the wonders of Baltimore!  Why would you go to New York, Montreal or Disneyland when you COULD go to Baltimore?)
(What?  you haven't watched Pecker yet?  Put it in your queue!  Also The Wire.)

1 comment:

  1. Uhhhh, I've SEEN Pecker, and my cousin lives in Baltimore. I've flown into and OUT of BWI. So, until I eat Pit Beef for the first time, I've lives quite enough Baltimore.
    I'll get The Wire, anyway. I've heard that it's excellent.
    Really? Baltimore?