Tuesday, March 2, 2010

L'eggo my waffle

These scruffy twenty-somethings opened a waffle shack in my little town.  They moved from some sort of cart/pick-up window to the former baskin-robbins space at a nearby mini-mall.  I took the hooligans two Saturdays back.

The place is called "OFF THE WAFFLE." Here's their logo:
Off the Waffle- Authentic Leige Waffles

I can't figure out how to do a link.  But have you noticed that I added a picture in my last post? I'm learning.
We went  back for another waffle on Sunday.  I became a fan on facebook--I normally only become a fan of good causes.  Since these guys can't afford a sign for their establishment yet, I think they qualify.

Last Friday night, the bigger hooligan slept over at a friends.  The Man Who Lives In My House was not at home (back country snowboarding with other Men.  Tres macho.).   To distract myself from worrying about hypothermia and avalanches, I took the smaller hooligan back for more waffles this most recent Saturday.

Sunday the big hooligan mentioned wistfully that he'd sure like a waffle.  So we went again.

You may have figured out that these are incredible waffles.  They are like a crispy chewy waffle-brioche-donut with a carmelized exterior.  Plus you can get them embellished with bacon and maple syrup.  The hooligans prefer the version with bananas and chocolate chips.

I will never go back to those nasty yellow things from the freezer section.  They do not even deserve to be called waffles.  

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