Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A household hint

If you think there's any chance that bright ferrari red model paint might be spilled all over your wood floor, I'd recommend keeping some of those silver polish wipe cloths around.  I was frantically digging under the sink (And swearing.  A lot.) for anything that seemed like it might work.  Strangely, these took the paint up like magic.  The floor appears undamaged.  Also, try not to lose your temper with the perpetrator.  You'll just feel like a worm if you do.


  1. Good to know! Thanks. About those dead snails and slugs....it turns my stomach to have to deal with the aftermath of my devious scheming. So I pretend it's not there and then later get even more disgusted when I see what that hot sun has done to the plates of escargot. Ewwwwww.

  2. sometimes the crows eat the ones I throw in the road. I worry about the food chain re: the ones i've deadlined. However, the garden store lady assured me that as long as you have a thicken skin than the mucous membrane-ish ones that mollusks have, you'll be fine. the birds and turtles will be ok.