Thursday, June 3, 2010

My last nerve

is shot.
        The smaller hooligan is in that state where I know he's going to end up weeping, no matter what we do.  I already feel bad about it, even though I am also repressing the urge to kick him to the curb.  
        He keeps edging into "NO" territory.  Nothing major, but in rapid succession....overfilling the bath, knocking over the checkerboard in response to getting "kinged," turning on the computer after we said it was time to turn it off, casually opening the freezer to help himself to his third popsicle, picking up his brother's book and pretending to read--deliberately losing his place, walking outside in his socks and skateboarding down the sidewalk (helmet-less) instead of going upstairs to put on his pajamas,  stomping through the kitchen and knocking over the recycling, all in the space of ten minutes.  And he called me a big banana slug..
        Anticipating 10 weeks of summer vacation makes me appreciate our school even more than usual.  I ask his teacher about his behavior every so often--she looks at me quizzically.  Apparently he is well modulated from 8 to 2:30.  I'm very glad to hear it.  And I need to study her methodology.  Mine is lacking.

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