Sunday, May 1, 2011


That crazy Texas Rob turned 40. They celebrated with a Dukes of Hazard themed crawfish boil. 90pounds of crawfish is a lot--every last one was devoured. I was not going to be seen in any Daisy Duke short shorts. That is just not dignified. So I wore this:

Boy I have big teeth. I am not afraid to look ridiculous. It is unclear whether or not this is a good thing.

I found all our costumes at various thrift stores. Since the party, I have co-opted The Man Who Lives In My House's overalls. They are the ultimate in "I give up" wear. Better even than sweats. Yesterday, I wore them all day in the garden. They are the best! You don't have to suck in your stomach and your butt crack will not be exposed, no matter what.

We were invited to a dinner party and I took them off with great regret. If they had not been covered with mud, I would probably have worn them. This could be a very slippery slope.

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