Friday, July 29, 2011

Becky-Home Ec-ky

I grew more beets than the Smaller Hooligan and I could eat up--The Man Who Lives In My House will eat beets, but he does not really appreciate them, ditto the Larger Hooligan.  I decided to pickle the surplus.  They may or may not taste good, but they look fabulous.  I used the "Quick Garlic Dills"  recipe from Small Batch Preserving.  I won't lay out the details here as I might forget something and give you botulism.  Canning should come straight from an expert source, which I am not.
My sister (aka The Smart One) and I were chatting on the phone as I was bottling these up and she said, "You're making pickled beets?  From beets you grew yourself?  Organically?  If you blog this you'll be one of those revolting domestic goddess bloggers that we all love to hate."  She may have a point.  My apologies.  

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