Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Culprit Has Been Known to Bark and Drool.

Monday afternoon we got home from an epic camping-backpacking-road trip.  We spent the remainder of the day unpacking the car and washing/putting away the vast quantities of gear in the garage.

The Man Who Lives In My House thoughtfully got a pound of frozen hamburger out to thaw....but then we looked at the garden and saw the bushels of tomatoes and basil that had gone crazy while we were away (It finally got hot!) and decided to make a huge caprese salad instead.

I thought I put the hamburger in the fridge, but last night I could not locate it.  Not in the fridge, not in the freezer....not in the garage or the would reveal it's location by smell, by now...and nothing smells except:
He looks guilty, doesn't he?

Otto has been emitting noxious fumes intermitantly for the last 12 hours.  Keri stopped in to shop my closet (she likes my clothes :)) and have coffee this morning.  Suddenly the air was so foul we had to step outside.  

So I think I know what happened to the hamburger.

I've asked this before, and the question remains:  Why DO I like dogs?

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