Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the Feeble: La-Z-Girl Recliner on Wheels

We rode our bikes to the Japanese pub for a hip, cheap grown up date.  The hooligans were invited, but preferred to stay home and eat mac and cheese.  

Usually we ride the tandem on bike dates, but our regular bikes were already out and it was so hot--getting the tandem down from it's ceiling rack was too much effort.  As we cruised up to the bike path the conversation went as follows:

Me (on my wicked-witch-of-the-west-style up-right posture granny bike):  "This is hard, usually I just chill on the back of the tandem and you do all the work."

The Man Who Live In My house:  "I knew it!  HA"

Me:  "Well my butt hurts from going for a ride with Heidi and Katie on Friday.  My bike seat is just not comfortable."

TMWLIMH:  "I'll see if I can order you an even BIGGER seat." (note: My bike seat is huge.)

Me:  "Maybe I need a recumbent bike."

TMWLIMH:  "What you need is a bike where you can lie down.  I guess that would be a gurney."

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