Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dedicated to The Hooligans' Father.

I'm reading Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin, by Calvin Trillin.  I just started it.  Calvin Trillin is my new journalist/author crush.  He's a little old for me, but that's ok!  I like old guys.  Note to The Man Who Lives In My House:  You might want to start aging.  Like the rest of us.  You're going to feel very left out if you don't.

Back to the book:  the dedication is to his late wife, Alice.  Of whom Trillin says "...appears as a character in many of these pieces.  Before her death, in 2001, even the pieces that didn't mention her were written in the hopes of makeing her giggle."

Which made me feel a little weepy, and got me wondering:  The Man Who Lives In My House cracks me up quite frequently.  Does he do it on purpose?  Is this what he lives for?  I would like to think so. Or is he just funny by accident?

I asked him as soon as he got home.

"Hell, I don't know," he answered. " I'm just hoping to get blogged."

Ha!  He did it again.
Naturally amusing? 

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  1. give that big man a squish for me, ok? really miss you all.