Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Olympics of Crafty Cuteness! I Win! I Win!

The smaller Hooligan did some needle felting at a friend's house.  He was really into it. I capitalized on his enthusiasm--which is to say I bribed him:  

"I know you don't want to start doing the longer cello practices, but if you will play for at least 45 minutes every day this week, we can go to the yarn store after your lesson and you can pick out a felting kit.  Deal?"

A deal indeed.  The practices were nice and long.  He even used the loathsome metronome.  On Wednesday after cello we walked up to the local yarn shop and spent a happy hour looking at all the options.  He got a kit to make a little gnome dude with a mushroom.  

I impulsively got one to make two playful foxes.  I finished those and left them at a friend's house by mistake.  And now I'm obsessed. 

Today I stopped by the yarn store and got what I needed to make some bunnies.  I have this notion that I must make all the cute forest creatures.  I think I will make a squirrel next, or maybe a chipmunk.  And a deer and a bear.

The Man Who Lives In My House seems to be amused to find me sitting up in bed with my glasses on the end of my nose, stabbing away at wads of wool morning and night.  I can't stop!  It's very addictive.  

The Man Who Lives in My House
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Kate has a new sport: Felting.
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  1. E is also recently enamored of needle felting. Send him a kit if you feel like bribing him.