Thursday, July 8, 2010

Street Style

A while ago now--(sorry, I've been gardening since the sun came out.  Gardening trumps blogging, but not by much)--I was in the Bay Area for a bachelorette weekend (I've got a post about that, actually, I just have to add pictures).  The contrast between street style in San Francisco and Eugene is starkly entertaining.  So much so that I made a note in my i-phone while riding BART.  I just found the note--all the wine and fabulousness made me forget I had written it.  Here it is:

Trends I get (which is to say things I was wearing anyway):
*wedge heels
*platform shoes
(Clearly I wish to be taller.)
*scarves--they make ugly Americans look a soupcon plus francaise.  Bien.
*Big cuffs on straight leg jeans.  I hate hemming.

Trends I do not get:
*gladiator sandals
*shoe-tees/booties Awkward!  Ugly!
*mohawk or faux-hawk--mo is worse than faux
*clothes with shreds or holes on purpose. (I am old.)
*piercings (I told you, I am old. And I have mid-western roots.)
*camouflage on civilians who are not trying to kill Bambi
*the eighties in general.  I was there.  Remember mall-bangs?  We looked awful.  Let it go. Especially the music!  If I hear Banana-rama (I'm your venus...) on the PA in the grocery store one more time, I may do something drastic. Please bail me out.
*Energy drinks other than coffee.

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  1. K... I agree on the re-make of the 80's... it wasn't that great the first time around -gladiator sandals (ick!)... tattoos & piercings are much too common these days (I feel alternative to be free of these).... and there are far too many energy drink cans on the side of the road -a hit of crack in a can and one forgets the garbage. I DO like a bit of camo -it never shows dirt- but I tend to limit its wear in urban settings.