Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vote for my Dog

Every evening, we let the chickens out for a little romp.  They skitter around, talking amongst themselves,  ignoring our 80 pound love beast, Otto.  He is like the clowns that scoop up the horse poop during parades, only more disgusting.  He follows the flock around, devouring what they leave behind.  It's very helpful--none of us wants to step in that--yet so revolting.  Why do I feel it's important to have a dog?  or chickens, for that matter?  We won't even talk about the turtles.

Every year, our town has a very local parade and celebration of its' idiosyncrasies.   Our Congressman, Peter DeFazio (D)  follows the horse contingent, with a dustpan and broom.  He collects the manure with patience and good humor.  Hooray for Peter.  Please keep helping us keep Oregon blue.

Maybe this is representative of the best of what government can do--manage shit.  We produce so much and no one else wants to deal with it.

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