Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mamie's Holiday Mantra

My Mother (the Virgo) had Christmas down to a science.  Here's her system, to which I adhere rigorously:

For each deserving Child:

--something to read (she's a sucker for good illustrations)
--something to wear (this has little resonance with The Hooligans, so I usually just replenish their socks and underwear, or knit them an itchy sweater that they refuse to wear*)
--something to play with (sometimes I expand this to include a gross motor item (Skateboard) and a fine motor (lego thingy))
--a stocking full of random things like slinkies, marbles, , mittens, packages of colored pencils, and candy

When my sister and I were in our teens, the "something to wear" became the big deal.  The "something to read" included books like the illustrated greek myth anthology that I wrapped up for the Larger Hooligan last year.  Anyway, it helps me not get overwhelmed.  I do recommend NOT having a baby 2 days before Christmas, or 2 weeks after, as this only adds to the chaos and excess.  It is SERIOUSLY FESTIVE around here. When the Smaller Hooligan's birthday is over (Jan. 9th) I feel like I need a vacation.   I bet that's how accountants feel on April 16th.  Except instead of getting paid, I've spent all my money.  So I just enjoy the relative tranquillity at home.

*a note to Mamie:  They like YOUR sweaters.  So do I :).

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