Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I know I should be nicer to my mother.

I have mentioned before that my mother is frugal, only I probably didn't mince words.  I probably called her cheap, which was not very nice.  It is so much fun to make fun of my mother.  I feel terrible about it, but sometimes she brings it on herself.  Even my sister, Abbey, can't resist.  Last Monday night Mom was telling us about the bathroom she's had remodelled to make it accessible for my dad when he comes home from the skilled nursing facility:

My mother:  Well I sprung for a heated towel warmer, but I didn't do the heated floor tiles in the new bathroom.  Too expensive.
Abbey:  I wonder if a heated towel warmer would solve my moldy-smelling towel problem?  My towels smell moldy after two days because our bathroom is so small.
My mother:  Well I just buy really thin, cheap towels, and then they dry quickly.  People think they need those big fluffy towels, but the cheap kind is better.
Me:  Mom, that is so you.  Cheap towels, like the kind in Motel 6!  Everybody loves those!
Abbey: (quzzically):  Do you like ice milk, Mom?
Me (doubled over and snorting):  She likes powdered milk!
My father (chuckling in his wheelchair):  Stop making fun of your mother.
My mother (mildly huffy):  Well I do like thin towels better.
Me (pointing my iphone at her):  Mom, You're getting blogged.


  1. ROFL!!! My dear father-in-law likes thin towels too (needless to say he's very frugal).

  2. Well, I wouldn't call myself frugal but I'm with your mama! I like thin towels! Maybe we should get a towel warmer upper thingy too!