Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oversharing/jonesing for pity

Everyone I've made eye contact with today knows that I took an exercise class yesterday and now I'm so sore I can hardly move. Also everyone who's connected with me via Facebook and now everyone who reads my blog: I want you all to know!  I exercised!  Even though there were signs on the wall that said "It's OK to suffer!"  and "You're not gonna die!"  Despite these warnings, I ran around and around and did many deep knee bends and horrible push ups.  I sweated.  I never do that unless there is mulch to be spread or a hole to be dug.  

Tonight I whined and was pathetic and The Man Who Lives In My House was compelled to point out that I was complaining a lot.  "I'm going to send you to that class next,"  I told him, "And then we'll see if you don't do some complaining. "

"I'm sure I will complain," he replied.  "But no one in the world can complain as much as you."

He may have a point.  And just to underscore his point, I'll add that I'm avoiding going to bed because I'm dreading how difficult it will be to stand up in the morning.


  1. Ha. That man in your house needs to buy/give you a massage :-) Don't kill yourself. I once had an experiance that sounds similar doing the "Buns of Steel" video first I couldn't walk, then I threw my back out. Stupid crazy exersise madness. Take care of you. Yoga?

  2. Paolo coelho's books might be useful for you.