Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vets need money, too.

I think the Prodigal Tortoise's goal in running away may have been to go someplace quiet to die in a dignified manner.  Since her return she has not been herself.  The Man Who Lives In My House cares deeply for all beings' well being.  This is a wonderful characteristic, within REASON!! He has been looking at her anxiously, and muttering.  "I think she has an infection," he informed me several days ago.  "Or maybe a tumor.  See that?  it's inflamed.  And those are maggots."

'That' was the part of the body that on a human would be a trapezius.  It looked gross:  red and slimy where it should have been grayish and scaly.  I can't even talk about the maggots.  You would hurl.  No wonder she wanted to just go bury herself under the woodpile.  I would, too.

"You'll have to take her to the vet."  The vet?  I called our vet.  They only treat mammals.  I ended up driving the turtle across town and writing a check for $58 dollars.  That's the new patient exam fee.  Treatment will be additional.

Since I know you'll be unable to sleep for wondering, I will keep you apprised of her prognosis.


  1. What part of one's body would be a trapezoid?
    Bad Grandma

  2. Oh, editorial grandmother, you're just mad because Steen is my new editor. You're fired. And I meant trapezius, the trapezoid-shaped muscle between neck and shoulder. Readership, you should know that she's also a retired physical therapist. The lady knows her anatomy. You're not really fired. Please chime in when ever the urge strikes.