Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friction keeps us alive, or at least entertained.

I was perusing the blogosphere recently, and some nice blogger was rhapsodizing about how she and her spouse liked to do all the same things.  Huh.  How very sweet.  Excuse my while I go throw up a little bit in my mouth.  The thought made me twitchy and claustrophobic.  I am just not that nice.

The Man Who Lives In My House and I like some of the same things.  We like to eat and cook and hike and travel.  We like to throw the occasional party.  We can work in the garden simultaneously for hours.  But even in the earliest days of our relationship, I used to dispatch my friend Jeanine (Thank you, Jeanine!) to go with him to see action/special effects movies in my stead.  And I try to avoid taking him to Merchant/Ivory Costume dramas unless I feel he needs to be punished.

The Miss Marple topic I addressed in my last post inspired me to make this list:

Things we will do for fun some other time, like when he is dead:
Go rummage around at Goodwill, just to see if we find anything cool.
Watch Miss Marple.
Buy season tickets for the Opera.
Shop for shoes we don't really need.
Watch 'what not to wear' and 'oprah'.

Things we will do for fun some other time, like when I am dead:
Bicycle across the country.
Buy season tickets for a sports team.
Watch The Lord of the Rings Movies one after another, again.
Have a book club devoted to science fiction.
Watch 'band of brothers.'

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  1. I ride the bus with a guy, a contemporary, mid-40s probably, married, a kid, seems like a nice guy. He says ,"I'm part of a couple. We go out with couples. None of this "girl night", "guy night" stuff. It just leads to trouble." I stared at him, agape, and asked if his wife ever goes out with her girlfriend for a glass of wine or a walk. "Nope," says he. "We're a couple. We do things together. That's what we do." Then he tells me about how a bunch of women out together can get "aggressive".