Monday, April 12, 2010


Last week was nuts. The Hooligans' school held its' auction on Friday. I try to help out, but I'm not efficient.  The powers that be gave me the job of making signs.  I love to cut and paste stuff.  (If I were efficient, I would probably be one of those scrapbookers.)

Ok, so, The Auction: 210 items, all needing signs.  The first batch was fancy.  I downloaded illustrative pictures.  I made snarky suggestions. ("Worried about how to amuse your little drama queen/king this summer?"--picture of child in tiara striking a pose--"Bid on this theater camp!!"  Collage, Glitter.  What fun.)  By the final week, though, I was just banging out the info on word and printing it in  24 font.  Cut, stick on tagboard.  Sniff Sniff. Glue stick has no fumes.  Boring!

Meanwhile inside my brain, or what's left of it....I was perseverating on all the things I'd rather be doing (gardening)...or needed to be doing (find/return library books).  I made many lists.  Then I made more signs.

The payoff at the auction:  We raised a lot of money which will pay for additional reading instruction, among other things, AND I got to be the first MC.  All of you will be shocked to hear that I love nothing more than having a microphone in my hand.  It makes me giddy--not unlike writing my blog.

I also really really like dressing up.  I decided that I could draw more attention to the auction if I made a spectacle of myself.  Anything for a good cause.  I wore a fabulous $10 thrift store ball gown, and a crown made out of tinfoil.  I was in good company:

The very tall MC is Marie Slugtoinette, the 2008 Slug Queen of Eugene, Oregon (Google it.).  She is way more extroverted than I am.  And that is saying something.  The Elegant MC in black is my friend Keri.  We had to put major peer pressure on her to get her to dress up.  She is a very good sport.  Doesn't she look great? Thanks Keri. She is even better at thrifting than I am, that is saying something, too.

The list below is an annotated compilation of my lists from last week.  I was looking through the scratchings on all these scraps of paper and I found them amusing.  Mayhap you will, too:
  • Make copies of vital documents, Deliver to lawyer (we are updating our will--it seems that 7 years ago, we had another hooligan.)
  • *Finish making signs for auction, Deliver to Susanne (Supreme Auction Goddess.)
  • -Buy six baby chicks (Baby chicks--redundant.)
  • -Call Klarissa and ask her to see whether her dad will take the old hens (It's butchering time on the farm)
  • -Exercise (darn! Too busy)
  • Shower
  • Buy turtle food at the pet store.  Also the fish have ick.  Aren't there drops for that?
  • -Finish sewing dress project
  • -Choose new pattern for next project
  • -Yarn for sweater coat project!
  • -Spread remaining 3 cu. yards of mulch before the next downpour
  • Find/Return library book
  • *Call Zak (babysitter), did I pay him?
  • *Re-schedule Sm. Hooligan's swim lesson
  • *Forms to Lg. Hooligan's soccer coach
  • -Is book group tonight?   I am hosting, if so, make dessert.  Better idea, buy a dessert.
  • -Change Hooligans' sheets
  • Book club is next week: Buy book, Read book
  • *Drink coffee With Erika.  Anticipate her "staycation"  (Her spouse is the mother of all fathers described a few posts back)
  • The dog smells.  Wash.
  • Think of something for dinner, make it. (We ate a lot of cereal this week)
  • *Grocery:  buy lots of snacks for the hooligans + 3 friends who will be here after school
  • *Track down the 1098 forms that the accountant says she does not have.  Deliver.
  • *Laundry:  multiple loads.  ignore.
The * marks indicate that I actually got this done.  The - mark indicates something I'd have preferred to do. If there is no mark, it is now long overdue.

What I learned:
  • We have too many pets.
  • Turtles can survive a long time on limited rations.
  • Fish are cheap.
  • I got a letter from the library today:  I'm being sent to collections.

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