Monday, April 26, 2010

Mrs. Brady's Hi-Fi

Appeared to be in working condition.
I had room in my van.
But not in my house.
And I don't have any LPs.
Or reel-to-reel thingys.
But what if you took out all the innards and installed a flat screen on the underside of that lid?
You could close the lid and serve cocktails.
You could open the lid and watch Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson & Doris Day.
Rock and Doris would approve.
The speakers are built in.
It belongs in a long low sputnick era 50s rancher.
I live in a 1920s stucco casa.

I restrained myself.
It's at the Value Village in Springfield, Oregon.  If you buy it, send me a picture.


  1. Drat! Springfield is too far north from me. Readymade magazine often has good articles on repurposing dated furniture - I like the idea of hiding a flat screen in it. Would that really be doable? I think you may have hit on something!

  2. cool! I haven't heard the word hi-fi in 30 yrs. lol