Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Really? That good?

"Smiling  Mighty Jesus...I have seen the second coming -- he came in a vision, a vision I had after the first bite of that heavenly enchilada! ..... oh lordy oh lordy.!  sinfully good"

Wow. That's quite an email.  And "Smiling Mighty Jesus" might become my new favorite exclamation. My neighbors are moving to a house around the corner (so they will still be my neighbors. Yay!  Change is bad.)  I made a double recipe of enchiladas yesterday so I could bring one over.  Cooking is impossible in the kerfuffle of moving.  I guess they liked them.  And I know they were hungry.

I pretty much made this one up, but the real reason it's good is a jar of Sweet Creek mild enchilada sauce. (  sweetcreekfoods.com  )  I've tried to make red sauces and moles from scratch many times.  I've repressed my natural urge to deviate and followed directions carefully....with no success.  Too sweet, too spicy, too salty...... This jar kind is so much better.  And it's local (if you live in Oregon) and organic, no preservatives, blah blah (OK Michael Pollan?  I'm trying.  Stop guilt-tripping me.  You too, Barbara  Kingsolver.  Go weed your garden or something.  Get out of my brain.).  So I feel ok about endorsing (for free) a product from a jar. Here is the (double) recipe:

2 big sweet potatoes, peeled, chopped, boiled until tender
2 cans black beans, drained
2 onions, chopped and sauted until translucent
3/4ths package Cotjia cheese, crumbled, 
minced stems of one bunch cilantro
minced 1/4th of a red cabbage
Juice of one lime
big pinch of ground cumin

mix all this stuff up in a big bowl. If it seems dry, add a splash of beer (Corona or Pacifico are  thematic), stock, or water.  If you like your enchiladas gooey, add a cup or so of grated jack or cheddar.

meanwhile, soften 24 (or so) small corn tortillas by frying with butter or oil.  If the torts are dry and brittle,  add a couple of tablespoons of water, to steam them a little.  I used the same pan as the onions.  

Butter 2 baking dishes, I used 9x13 lasagne pans.  Coat the bottom with 1/4th cup of the enchilada sauce.  Fill each tort with  handful of the bean/sweet potato stuffing.  Squeeze the filled tort into a tube and lay them side by side until the pans are full.  Drizzle with the rest of the sauce, the remaining cheese, and the cilantro leaves.  Bake for about 30 minutes at 350.  I used one jar of sauce between the two pans, but I think one whole jar for each would have been better.  Serve with sour cream and avocado slices, plus additional Hot Sauce, for those who like it.  The Man Who Lives in My House likes Cholula.

If you have a foolproof red sauce or mole sauce recipe, please send it my way! 


  1. Hi Kate.

    I love enchiladas! I'd eat them every week if I could, but the man who lives here does not love them as much as me. Here are my enchilada thoughts:
    I often am too lazy to roll them, and just layer the tortillas and filling. Sometimes I make a big round stack which is fun too.

    I often make them too spicy. Then I have an excuse to add cream cheese (in dollops if they are layered, or rolled in the filling if rolled).

    I always like to eat them with a limey coleslaw or a chunky avocado and lime salad.

    My kids will not eat enchiladas. For them, I have invented quesaladas- which are a combination of quesadillas and enchiladas. Corn tortillas slathered with refried beans, sprinkled with cheese. I stack about three into a pile and butter the top on so it is crispy.

    Is it fun to get comments on your blog? Vicky

  2. oh my yes! I love comments, although I can count the number of commenters that I don't actually know on one hand. I was really afraid I would get vitriolic negativity when I wrote my "suck it up and pay!" themed tax blog a few posts back. To my surprise, no one told me to stuff it, although I'm sure some thought that. Have you tried that sweet creek sauce? it is so good. I bet they have it at new seasons. Sometimes I add it to chicken soup, along with some fried up tortilla slices, which creates tortilla soup. good with sour cream. The boys like anything they can slather with sour cream. Or butter, or cream cheese. We love our dairy products around here. Gus is in kindergarten, right? Does he love it?