Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arts & Culture

Last fall, The Man Who Lives In My House had a meeting in Washington DC.  We made it into a family trip, with the idea of exposing the Hooligans to some art and culture at the various Smithsonians.  Here they are in the sculpture garden next to the National Gallery:

I think their thought bubbles would read, "Why can't we climb on that thing?  I've heard of typewriters, but why would you want to erase one? Art is so weird.  And why won't they let us walk on the grass?" Clearly, they're being inspired to great heights.  Since our return, they've mostly talked about how cool it was when we saw the Obamas' dog being walked on the White House lawn.  (It was cool!  Cute dog.)

This morning, (6 months later) I came into the dining room to discover that the Smaller Hooligan had been paying attention.  He built a fairly comprehensive museum using toys and artifacts and the kitchen stools.

It included the Natural History exhibit:

And Air and Space:

Buildings and Architecture:

Art, both folk:

And fine:

(This is an Italian landscape my genius painter/illustrator sister, Abigail Marble,  painted a few years ago.  I begged &  cajoled and whined until she gave it to me.  She will tell you I do that a lot.)

I guess it was worth missing a week of school.

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