Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Punk Rock Girl

This is a transcription of an interview of the small Hooligan, and his best buddy, whom we'll call Wingnut.

Cathy And Brook (Wingnut's parents) asked them about school over dinner:
Cathy: "Who is the funniest in the class?"

Wingnut: "Sm.Hooligan."

Brook: "Who is really creative?"

Sm.Hooligan: "Wingnut."

Brook: "Who is the prettiest girl in your class?"

 "J--. She's so punk."
And on it went...."


  1. i love that the little d-man got his uncle nick's ability to touch tongue to nose. it is a trait that will take him far.

  2. Dude, he can PICK his tongue with his nose. C'est revolting.