Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hardcore parenting

Since when is parent a verb, anyway?
And how hard am I supposed to be working at it?

Because the Larger Hooligan thinks he wants to sign on for the serious soccer league.....and they kind of make it seem like they're doing us a favor by allowing him to join (Check, please soccer mom, and sign this medical release form).

So on one hand, it's healthy to run around for two hours two times a week plus games on the weekends....year round.   But on the other hand, he is only 10.  Can't he just run around the neighborhood?  Does he need a coach? Is it necessary to be so regimented?

I need a coach to (a) tell me what I should do, and (b) make me go run around.  A sort of therapist/ trainer combo.  There's a niche market.  Somebody fill it and I will hire you.

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