Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my subconscious is bored

I dreamt I was lecturing the Hooligans re: picking up after themselves.  There were socks and legos on the floor (in my dream and in reality) and I was outraged and nagging (in my dream and in reality).  It was so realistically mundane that when I awoke I was surprised to find myself in bed.

Aren't dreams are supposed to be freaky and interesting?  That was pathetic.  Even my subconscious thinks I am understimulated.  Clearly I need to take on something difficult and absorbing:  something beyond laundry.  At the very least I need to blog more, or go to the library, or law school (joke!).  But first I MUST mow the lawn.

Speaking of mundane,  Bad Grandma's sister, Conservative Great Aunt, shared this comment via facebook:

 "There's no such word as "snuck"...to think that my very own niece with an off the wall I.Q.* used such a non-word is appaling!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Appaling", is that spelled correctly?   I think not, and Bad Grandma  will let us know for certain.  Clearly, excessive concern with issues of minor import runs in my family.  Socks don't belong on the floor!  Snuck is not a word!  You misspelled appalling! The lawn is too long! Why on earth do we care?  

But hey, at least we're not all republicans.  

* ("Off the wall IQ"   Huh.  I'm not sure whether she means I am clever or nutty, but I'll take either as a compliment.  Thank you, Conservative Great Aunt.) 
Here is Conservative Great Aunt holding the large hooligan when he was a large infant....


  1. Hang in there Hooligan's Mom, it passes oh so quickly. You are not crazy you are refining your writing skills! An eyeblink and they will be bigger than you. Think of it: Even Bigger Hooligans. You must also strengthen yourself for puberty. It can get bad. On that cheery note...
    I love reading your words. More more more.

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