Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not dull, just dirty

When we were little, my clever sister inferred that dull was short for adult.  It made sense.  The grown ups would sit around the table FOREVER, just talking and talking, and drinking nasty things like wine and coffee.  Sometimes they would laugh very loudly at things that made no sense whatsoever.

Friday night we got to go out to dinner in Portland with friends.  We left our assorted offspring with a babysitter and a movie.  Our friends took us to a relatively new place in Portland, the Irving Street Kitchen--it was excellent. And we talked and talked and laughed uproariously and drank wine and espresso.  A snippet of the conversation went as follows:

Adult #1 "You can get anything on Amazon."
Adult #2 "Yes!  Our espresso machine died of over-use--I just ordered a new one on Amazon!"
Adult #3 "I ordered my new vibrator." (Did the last one die of over use?)
Adult #4  "I just got one of those hand pump espresso makers--it's sort of a cross between the two."

Ho ho ho.

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  1. Ha, that is exactly what I thought about my parents and their dumb dinner parties. How could anyone possibly be more dull than them drinking wine and coffee all night long! Now the night you've described sounds like the best night possible :-) Here's to not so "dull" after all a "dull" thood :-)