Thursday, August 19, 2010

Science experiment, and a recipe

My chickens used to have their outdoor run in what had been a raised garden bed.
Then it rained even more than usual all spring, and the roof of the chicken house collapsed.  I had just given away my old chickens, so there were no fatalities.
I hired a very competent guy to re-build the coop for me, and while we were at it, we made it more efficient, space-wise.

There is room for a hooligan in the coop now.  This could come in handy.

So I was able to re-claim my garden bed for some tomatoes.  We all know chicken shit is good fertilizer, but seriously!  It is amazing!  Here are the tomatoes in the regular bed:

Here are the chicken-shit tomatoes:

I think I need more chickens.

We ate caprese salads almost every day while we were traveling.  Fortunately, they are well within my capabilities to replicate, and it's easy to grow all the produce.  I need a buffalo, for the mozzarella.  Since I am also fond of melon with proscuitto, perhaps we should get a pig, too.  I wonder what the city codes are....

Sliced tomatoes
Sliced up fresh mozzarella
basil leaves
Arugula (optional)

Pesto dressing:
minced basil(6 sprigs)
minced parsly (2 sprigs)
minced mint (1 sprig)
one or two garlic cloves-minced
juice of one lemon
1/3 C olive oil (better is better)

You can leave out the pesto part and just do a lemon garlic olive oil thing if the basil leaves in the salad are enough for you, or you can buy a tub of pesto and thin it with a little lemon juice if you are short on time.  I could live on this.  I like to expand it with sliced grilled eggplant or sausages and grilled french bread.  I think we'll have it tonight.


  1. Yum! Can't wait for my tomatos to ripen to make some caprese. I love it, so simple and delicious! Good to know chicken shit is such good fertilizer :-)

  2. I know a very nice person in Eastern Washington who will sell you a pig's leg to cure. Yes, I'm serious. She might even be able to source some buffalo milk for you, too...
    They come to Portland for the farmer's markets with great regularity. Tell Joan or Pierre Louis that Annick sent ya. And that I miss them.
    I have chicken and chicken shit envy now btw.