Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He didn't get it from me

Monday, the larger hooligan came home with a friend.  They built things with legos, shot baskets in the pouring rain, consumed many snacks, and finished things off with a gory dart gun battle.  When it was time to face the homework folder, I was expecting a certain amount of resistance.  To my surprise, he plowed through it.  In fact, he did all of it, even though it is not due until Thursday.....

Does it mean I'm a bad mother if my first thought was, "When is his teacher going to call me to tell me he's done something dreadful?"

Bad Grandma will attest that had I ever done my homework voluntarily, it would have meant I was trying to cover/compensate for something really-seriously-off-the-charts-you're-grounded-for -- -life worthy....Like "borrowing" my best friend's stepdad's big, teal (it was the '80s!), mercedes while he and her mom were in Italy... or something.

(We didn't get I still didn't do my homework.)
(Mom, if it makes you feel better, I was not the driver.)


  1. I FOUND IT! what a treat. witty and concise and fun to read!!! entirely non-annoying!

    however, is it borderline stalking to live within twenty steps of your residence but also enjoy reading about the goings on within it?? hmm.

    hope you discovered the rent check in your mail box. oh, and erik came and turned the hot water heater up! hooray for hot (not lukewarm) showers!

  2. "Daddy bought it for me for Easter!" by the way, Scoochie's is gone.