Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things in my yard.

Lazy, unproductive chickens. They like meat. This one has been trying to crow all afternoon, with limited success. 

If this was a real snake, it might explain why there are no eggs.


A shrub that starts coral and turns to chartreuse with lavender flowers.  Spiro-something?  Bad Grandma will know.  Have I mentioned she is a master gardener?  Check the comments.  I'm sure she'll want to tell us when she performs her unsolicited but deeply appreciated editing services.

The new flags on the back patio.  Keep going along the path to find the hot tub.  I didn't photograph it because it is not very photogenic.  We planted 3 huge trays of stepables between the flags last Saturday, when it was sunny.  We need about 6 more.

1 comment:

  1. Katie Jane, you need to read the recent NYT mag article about highly educated and professionally experienced mothers, who keep chickens in their backyard. You are apparently called a "femivore"

    Anyone who comes up with a better descriptor than "Femivore" gets 5 points.