Friday, March 12, 2010

Maybe She Was Hungry

Today after school we took the Hooligans to the post office to sign and send in forms for their passports.  We were BORED BORED BORED because it was taking FOREVER. A very huffy, sneaky lady managed to cut in front of us by asking the passport clerk a question and just riding her coattails down the long hall to the office.

We looked at one another askance.

"She took CUTS!" announced the larger Hooligan, clearly horrified.  He is very law abiding, as long as the law is clear.  And it was clear!  We had a ticket with #5 on it, and the #4 person had just left.  It was clearly OUR turn.

When the offender came out, about 10 LONG boring minutes later, I said politely, "We have been waiting a long time, and we really did not appreciate you cutting the line."

There was NO POINT in saying this.  I realize that.  It was too late.  She had gotten what she wanted and there was nothing we could do about it.  I just have a hard time letting these things go.

Her response, however, did kind of blow my mind: "BITE ME!" she snarled, and stomped out.

BITE ME.  What did she mean by that, exactly.  The Hooligans were curious.  "Well," I said, "It's not as rude as F-off, but it's almost that rude."  For some reason this struck us as funny. Mom said F-off!  That's almost like she said the real F!  Ha Ha!

"Bite me!"  snorted the Hooligans, "Hey mom, are you hungry? Bite me!"

Well if I get a call from school tomorrow, I already know what it will be regarding.

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