Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Rube, a.k.a. Easy Mark, a.k.a. Sucker

Trader Joe's, I know what you're up to.  I know why your freezer section doesn't have signs.  I have to troll along, looking for nice, healthy edemame beans, and what do you know?  There are frozen gyoza!! The hooligans would love those!  And blueberries.  We need blueberries, artichoke hearts, crumpets, cashew butter..... How have we lived this long without fig flavored yogurt?

I spent way too much money on (extremely tasty) food that has been processed within an inch of its' life, not to mention excessively packaged.  Michael Pollan would be appalled.  It's really a good thing I hardly ever get over to this side of town.

I was going to go running, but instead I'm sitting here scarfing dark-chocolate covered pretzel thins.  I cannot stop.  Soon I shall be sick.  And fat.  It is Trader Joe's fault.

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  1. Do they really have fig-flavored yogurt?? Really? I'm on my way!