Monday, March 15, 2010

Skier or Snowboarder, which are you?

Here is the thing:  if you want to look/feel cool with minimal effort, you are a boarder:  lurch to the precipice, hurl yourself over and  cart wheel down.  Whoo Hoo! When you finally land, looking like the abominable snowdude, it will be to standing ovations and contracts with sponsors such as rockstar soda.  Way to go.

If you care about form, astrophysics, and art, well you're a skier.  It's like becoming a yogi:  it will be many years, possibly never before you levitate.  The road to perfection will be paved with yard-sale wipe outs and skiing in the toilet position-- where your butt sticks way out.  Not cool.  But you have chosen the high road, grasshopper!  Do not give up!

I boarded Saturday.  It felt great.  But I admit it, my 7 and 10 year old are better than I am. They are fearless.  They like to eat snow anyway; to them, going headfirst is a perfectly viable option.  This rant may be sour grapes.  I did something to my neck and can't really turn my head to the left.  Also I may have sprained my right wrist.

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