Wednesday, March 10, 2010

War and Peace

The smaller hooligan just swerved into the driveway in a spray of gravel.  He pounded up the steps and banged open the door, "MOM, I NEED MY SWORD!"

Last week I got fed up with war. I enforced a peace treaty with a weapons ban.  So I knew that all the swords, nerf guns, etc. were in the broom closet.  Sometimes it's good to be Supreme Dictator.

Since this war was taking place on foreign soil (at the neighbors') I handed over his sword.  He shoved it through his belt loop and leapt onto his bicycle.  "We are having an AWESOME WAR!" he hollered over his shoulder as he tore off.

This may explain the state of the world.  I hope he keeps his bike helmet on.

I just want to note that the little girls who live two houses down were busy playing tea party throughout this episode.

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